Nutrition is THE difference between kidney health and kidney disease.

Our Mission

to advocate for nutrition as an accessible, first-line treatment for kidney disease for people around the world

We Envision a Better Future for Kidney Care Powered by Smart, SimpleNutrition

RenAlign is a non-profit organization committed to helping people with chronic kidney disease find a better future.

What kind of better future?

Reduce Dialysis

We envision a time when there are as many resources and professionals dedicated to keep people healthy off dialysis as they are to keep someone healthy on dialysis.

Leverage the Power of Nutrition

A tomorrow where the 37 million people diagnosed with kidney disease can immediately leverage the power of nutrition with hope for overcoming a terrifying chronic disease diagnosis.

Reputable Support Network

We envision a time when doctors & patients can connect with reputable, skilled nutrition professionals who can guide people in a new lifestyle with support, encouragement, and real results.

Preventative Model

We envision payors, public officials, nephrology professionals, and patients all supporting a preventative model because they see patient and financial benefits.

What RenAlign is Doing to Support Kidney Care

Care for chronic kidney disease is complex and multidimensional. RenAlign proudly pioneers solutions for clear and actionable nutrition education, better clinician training, and industry collaboration for happier and healthier patients.


For Motivated Patients

Learn more about our nutrition programs, educational tools, & meal planning initiatives for motivated patients. Apply for program scholarships.


For Proactive Clinicians

Learn about our physician and dietitian training programs on comprehensive kidney care, refer your patients, and/or partner with us.

Our Goals:


Improved access to quality nutrition services

Well trained dietitians

Precision nutrition methods for better outcomes

Clear, practical, feasible nutrition guidelines

Research that validates the value of preventative services

Patients to feel supported and encouraged

Want to learn more about RenAlign?

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RenAlign is a 503c non-profit organization focused on providing comprehensive renal nutrition to address the global epidemic of kidney disease.

For Investors

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