Our Superpower is Creating Change through Powerful Resources

What happens after you spend years and years developing and testing patient programs and professional training? You become REALLY good at it.

We unabashedly believe that in the renal industry we are the best at:

  • Creating engaging, creative patient education both
  • Developing trainings for clinicians that educate, entertain, and inspire

Organizations can spend large sums of money on education that gets tossed in the trash on the way out the door, or the kind that keeps doctors calling their reps for more, and patients call their doctors asking for a new one because they spilled coffee on it. You know our secret sauce? Clarity. We have complete clarity on what engages patients, what they want, and what is needed and HOW to make it happen.

Organizations spend large sums of money on patient trainings that can leave patients even MORE confused then when they started. We've developed a clear process, and had our fair share of failures, to create a clear process and clear idea of what patients need.

Developing professionals trainings that leave life-long impact is no small feat. How do we do it? We are crazy obsessed by not only teaching the science on why nutrition should be practiced a certain way, but also how to do it, and give clinicians tools to implement immediately. Want your staff or audience to get the same "Wow that was a great training" experience? Let us develop it for you.

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RenAlign is a 503c non-profit organization focused on providing comprehensive renal nutrition to address the global epidemic of kidney disease.

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