Why Virtual Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Care Means Better Outcomes

Research Shows

That only 12% of people with kidney disease ever see a dietitian before dialysis, even though nutrition is the most significant treatment for early stage kidney disease.


RenAlign allows MORE people EVERYWHERE to obtain high quality comprehensive renal nutrition guidance that is individualized yet easily scalable with technology to maximize impact.

RenAlign is the solution that makes sense (and cents).

Targeting Kidney Disease is Smart for Patients and Payors

We advocate for a preventative, healthcare system for chronic kidney disease, not our current, expensive, sick care system

Medical literature supports dietary intervention for kidney health

Cochrane Review 2018

"We found that very low protein diets compared with low or normal protein intakes probably reduce the number of people with advanced kidney failure, who progress to dialysis."

New England Journal of Medicine 2017

"..nutritional interventions with disease-specific dietary ranges that are patient centered and cost-effective may help increase longevity and prolong the dialysis-free interval for millions of people worldwide."

Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative

"MNT to Improve Outcomes: Guideline 2.1.1 In adults with CKD 1-5D, we recommend that a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN, USA or international nutrition credential) in close collaboration with a physician, or other provider (nurse practitioner or physician assistant), provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT)"

A progressive team committed to leveraging the best nutritional science for best outcomes.

Join our fight against chronic kidney disease!

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RenAlign is a 503c non-profit organization focused on providing comprehensive renal nutrition to address the global epidemic of kidney disease.

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