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37 million people are impacted by chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the United States.

Even though nutrition is a crucial aspect of CKD treatment, only 12% ever see a dietitian before dialysis. For most people they know nutrition makes a difference in avoiding or delaying dialysis, but feel confused, discouraged, and ultimately powerless in knowing how to implement a nutrition plan that works and doesn’t leave them feeling deprived and hungry.

Lack of nutrition information for CKD is unacceptable.

At RenAlign we know there is a better way.

We know people can have drastically different outcomes with nutrition treatment.

Nutrition Care Should:

Preserve Kidney Function
Prevent Complications
Dispel Confusion
Optimize Nutrition
Tackle Fear with Mindset
Employ Expert Renal Dietitians

It is time to align your choices with what you really want.

Replace Fear with Confidence

Replace Confusion with Clarity

Replace Discouragement with a Plan

Replace Kidney Disease with Kidney Health

Our Innovative Projects:

RenAlign Nutrition Programs

Educational Tools

Meal Planning Application


“80% of respondents said they would like to receive dietary advice as soon as they know they have renal damage.”

— Journal of Renal Nutrition, Sept 2008, Hollingdale R

Our Comprehensive Approach to Revolutionize Renal Nutrition Therapy:


Virtual Programming

Fills gaps where there are lack of nutrition professionals

Educational Tools

Addresses kidney health, instead of just symptom management

Behavior Change Psychology

Help stress, fear, and discouragement to teach resilience and implement changes that last a lifetime

Meal Planning

Extensive resources for practical daily application


Drives change in healthcare by validating what is working

RenAlign Nutrition Programs

Our nutrition programs are more than just programs. They are carefully organized turn-key systems that can be integrate with large and small organizations, nephrology practices, yet utilized successfully by individuals.

Unique nutrition + mindfulness program for CKD to optimize behavior change

Programs created for stage of kidney disease and underlying cause

Leverages multiple facets of nutrition to preserve kidney function, not just prevent complications

Created by experts in renal nutrition and health education

Virtual programming combined with one-to-one support from experienced renal dietitians

Contact us to learn more about how it works!

Educational Tools:

Professionally designed handouts addressing plant-based pantry prep, creating meals, eating out, mindfulness, and many more

A workbook like no other

Visualization and mindfulness practice tools

Meal Planning:

Recipe development for easy to prepare, tasty, kidney-friendly meals?

Partnership with LivingPlate database for customized meal planning


Contact us here to learn more how you can utilize our turn-key approach and programs.

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RenAlign is a 503c non-profit organization focused on providing comprehensive renal nutrition to address the global epidemic of kidney disease.

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