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CKD Nutrition Therapy Can Make an Impact



79 Billion and Rising: Medicare spent 79$B on CKD in 2018 >18% of total Medicare expenditures



37 Million: The number of people in the US that suffer form Kidney Disease


Leading Cause

The 9th leading cause of death in the US



13.2%: Global population with CKD



66th: 65 countries have better outcomes than the US, even though we spend the most.



15 million people Medicare enrollees.
< 1% receive nutrition therapy.

RenAlign is a non-profit organization committed to helping people with chronic kidney disease find a better future.

What kind of better future? 

RenAlign envisions a tomorrow where the 31 billion people diagnosed with kidney disease can immediately leverage the power of nutrition with hope for overcoming a terrifying chronic disease diagnosis.

There’s more.

Right now there is a golden opportunity in health care to truly showcase the power of nutrition and mindset in a preventative model. At this time payors, public officials, nephrology professionals, and patients are aligned in wanting a change.

Payors need to cut the heavy cost of dialysis and late-stage CKD on their bottom line.

Public officials are looking for ways to stretch their shrinking health care budgets.

Nephrology professionals are feeling burnt out by increased patient loads but less time to care for them adequately.

And patients - the people who matter most here - are tired of feeling scared, powerless, and destined for dialysis.

You can be part of the solution.

We’ve created programs, clinician trainings, patient resources, and community outreach initiatives to make a change. We already have the tools, the system, the experience, the professionals, and the deep commitment to affect change.

But we need YOUR help to help even more people. We know it will take funding and collaboration with people beyond us. We need partners, sponsors, and organizations that see this same vision.

RenAlign Business Development Team

We are asking you to wear the cape of sponsorship and help us make a change for people with kidney disease AND show that preventative healthcare works. In a big way.

Sponsor program development initiatives

  • Tax-deductible grants
  • Angel donations

Sponsor patients

  • The Kidney Warrior Scholarship
  • Establish your legacy fund for patients

Sponsor nephrology clinician training

  • The Green Ribbon Scholarship
  • Establish your own legacy fund for clinicians

How to Donate:

Contact our Partner Team on partnership. Drop your information below and one of our advocates will reach out to you to walk you through the steps of your tax-deductible donation:

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RenAlign is a 503c non-profit organization focused on providing comprehensive renal nutrition to address the global epidemic of kidney disease.

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