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Nutrition care is extremely complex. It is specific, yet also variable. Nutrition therapy for CKD is vastly different from nutrition care for dialysis. Even within CKD, nutrition care varies from one person to the next based on a multitude of factors: disease stage, symptoms/disease manifestations, labs, the underlying cause of the disease, medications, diet, and many more.

Expert renal dietitians not only need to be knowledgeable on the most current CKD nutrition guidelines, they should also be able to personalize nutrition care based on each person’s conditions.

They should be able to educate patients, encourage real behavior change, and provide support for significant health outcomes. Most importantly, they should have confidence in what they’re doing.

Having dietitians reach this level is not easy and may take years to master if they don’t receive quality training. And we know the burden of CKD/number of CKD patients is increasing fast. Dietitians with renal expertise are desperately needed to address the growing epidemic of CKD and be the light and guide that patients need to avoid dialysis.

RenAlign wants to be the solution

We’ve created clinician training programs so more people with CKD can have greater and faster access to more renal experts. Ultimately, we want to reach the 37 billion people with CKD and give them hope of avoid/delay dialysis.

What is the RenAlign Clinician Training Initiative?

The RenAlign Clinician Training for CKD reviews the fundamentals of nutrition therapy for CKD and provides clinical insight from real-life practice [or experienced renal experts] to maximize outcomes. Course is 8CPE Pending CDR Approval.

Our goals are for dietitians to:

Improve knowledge and skills

Increase confidence in implementing principles and approaches

Improve patient outcomes

The training program involves a combination of self study as well as live classes. It will explore kidney physiology, basic CKD nutrition guidelines, mental resilience to create sustainable change, and cover topics such as protein, plant foods, gut health, thyroid health, polycystic kidney disease, and many more. It provides opportunities for dietitians to practice counseling for optimized outcomes

Most importantly, dietitians on our program learn from experienced renal experts who are able to answer questions and help consolidate the materials into successful, practical approaches so that ultimately, there will be more renal nutrition experts available to address the ever-growing  CKD population and be their hope and guide to avoid dialysis.

Training Options

Renalign partners with Renal Nutrition Mastery to provide training courses. Proceeds from these courses go to support Renalign's mission and patient scholarships.

Certification Options

Renalign offers two rigorous certification programs for clinicians. The purpose of these certifications is to help patients identify clinicians with advanced nutrition skills for CKD and PKD and provide clinicians with advanced mentors and collaboration.

Scholarships for Professionals

Support Clinician Training Scholarships

Two ways you can help

  • Donate to The Green Ribbon Scholarship
  • Establish your own legacy fund for clinicians

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How to Apply for Training Scholarship

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