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Kidney disease is serious business.

Your nephrologist has just diagnosed you with Stage 4 or 5 kidney disease and lets you know you are enroute to dialysis. You may have gone home and cried until your eyes hurt. Or sat in dumbfounded silence as you made sure that the name at the top of the page with the blood work was actually yours. How could this now be your new reality?

Once you settled into this new reality you dug deep and decided you wanted to fight this. With a deep breath you start on a journey to preserve YOUR kidney function and keep dialysis as far away as you can.

Of course that means you had questions. You heard diet makes a difference for people with kidney disease. So you asked your doc what to do. “Eat less meat and salt” he or she said. That didn’t feel right or seem like enough. The internet was beyond confusing but you still are determined to find the right answer about how diet can help you.


You just want to figure out how to preserve your kidney function and know your plan is working.

RenAlign Program

Good news for you!

You can have a nutrition plan that works for you, makes sense, and is backed by science.

You can have guidance and support so that when questions come up about your diet, you have a credible resource.

You can see great results in your lab work.

You can change the way you eat and have food be enjoyable again.

You can feel in control of your future instead on a slippery slope toward dialysis.

It is time to align your choices with what you really want.

Replace Fear with Confidence

Replace Confusion with Clarity

Replace Discouragement with a Plan

Replace Kidney Disease with Kidney Health

That’s exactly what you get with the RenAlign Kidney Nutrition Program.

These programs are for you if:

You have stage 3, 4, or 5 chronic kidney disease

You are already seeing a nephrologist

You have access to a computer

You are willing to make changes and consider a plant-based diet (not meat or dairy) for at least 90 days

Note: If you have polycystic kidney disease, check out the PKD specific program at the KidneyRD.

What are the RenAlign Nutrition Programs?

The RenAlign Nutrition Programs are virtual programs that teach people how to follow a low protein, plant-based diet to preserve their kidney function.


This approach is based on the 2020 kidney nutrition guidelines and has been used by countries around the world to keep dialysis at bay.

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Balanced Nutrients

We help you determine the right amount of protein and other nutrients to preserve kidney function and be well nourished.

Clarity on Supplements

How to optimize supplement use including ketoanalogues.

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Mind over Matter

Foste a resilient mindset to keep your motivation up, your action consistent, and erase fear surrounding food.

Understand your Bloodwork

How to monitor your labs and trends to see what is and isn’t working, what questions to ask your doctor, and how food is impacting your results.

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Strategy and Plan

A step-by-step approach to planning your meals to tackle inflammation and optimize nutrition.

Choose What Works Best for You

RenAlign offers two different programs based on the support you are looking for:

Self-Paced RenAlign Nutrition Program

Our courses are available now.

Dietitian-Led RenAlign Nutrition Program

Our next course is available in 2021.

What you’ll find inside the RenAlign Kidney Nutrition Program

Evidence-Based Curriculum

Professionally designed workbook, handouts, and pre-recorded classes for a step-by-step plan to implement a low-protein, plant-based lifestyle.
Visualization and mindfulness practice tools.

Meal Planning

12 weeks of meal plans, recipe resources, and recipe modification tools: first to give you a jumpstart and then to give you ideas as you start building your own meals.

Guidance for Self-Accountability

Learn how to analyze your dietary intake and labs to ensure balanced nutrition and avoid common pitfalls in the low-protein, plant-based lifestyle.


Opportunity for you to dive deeper into nutrition and mindset topics such as potassium, navigating the holidays, labs, stress, and facing fear and anxiety.

Group Support

A private facebook community to share support, updates, recipes, motivation with others working on their kidney health.

Supplement Support

Supplements to ensure optimal kidney health and balanced nutrition.

Post-Program Support

Options to continue supporting your kidney health journey.

With the Dietitian-led RenAlign Nutrition Program, you get additional:

Dietitian-Led Live Classes (instead of pre-recorded)

Live classes to learn nutrition and mindset concepts, ask questions, and participate in valuable class discussions.
Classes will be recorded for you to review at your convenience.

Dietitian Consultation Package

Three one-on-one meetings with dietitians throughout the program to assess your needs and develop your personalized plan.

Personalized Support from Our Team of Experienced Renal Dietitians

Unlimited email support 24/7.
Personalized nutrition prescription for your specific nutrient needs.
Weekly food journal and pre- and post-program lab reviews to keep you on track and well nourished.

That is why we created this program to give people with stage 3, 4 or 5 kidney disease a shot at preserving their function with a clear, manageable plan based on science and real food.

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Your Investment

Self-Paced RenAlign Nutrition Program:

$495 (mandatory supplements included)
Or 4 payments of $125

Dietitian-Led RenAlign Nutrition Program:

$1395 (mandatory supplements included)
Or 4 payments of $350

Our Advisory Board

Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh - UC Irvine
Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh
Research and Clinical Application
Thomas Weimbs PhD
Founder & President or Santa Barbara Nutrients, Inc
Dr. Judy Beto Loyola University
Dr. Judy Beto
Research Guidance
Jenn Moore
Plant-based Dietitian
James Fabin
Patient Advocate

Our Team

Jessianna MS, RDN, CSR, LD, CLT
Jessianna Saville
Clarissa Paimanta
Lindsey MS, RD, CSR, LD
Lindsey Zirker
Shaelene Phd, Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Dr. Ashby
Phd, Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Vishal Bagchi
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Elizabeth Villalobos

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